The FEDDs mission is to build left leaning communities precinct by precinct in East Dallas and beyond to increase left leaning voter turnout in Texas.
Our method is PUMP, The Precinct United Mobilization Plan.  We are implementing PUMP in East Dallas and presenting it, sharing it and helping groups across Texas implement it.  This takes money and we need your help!
The primary tools used in PUMP are reaching out to voters with postcards, block walks, and phone calls, and organizing meetings, social activities, and event for voters to participate in and attend.

Average Monthly Expenses

  • $1200-$2000/month for mailings
  • $300-$500 for meeting organization
  • $300 for voter outreach events

Two Ways to Donate


Monthly donations help us to know that the FEDDs will have a consistent source of revenue to continue with these activities that are critical to our mission.

Please consider donating $5, $10, $20, $50, or more per month to help with voter outreach.

One Time Donation

Any one-time amount will help us to continue to work to reach left leaning voters and build lasting communities.

Donation Form

Whichever way you donate, please fill out the donation form below.  This form is for financial reporting to our VAN (Voter Access Network) provider which is a PAC.

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Please complete the form below to donate. Thank you!