Who are the FEDD's?

The Funky East Dallas Democrats (aka The FEDD's) is a growing group of volunteer progressive activists who have committed to bring voter awareness and political engagement in East Dallas to new levels for 2018 and beyond.  NOW is the time to begin transforming our electorate in Texas, specifically in East Dallas, into the voting bloc that can literally change the face of politics not only in Texas, but the entire nation.  We have an opportunity to seize the power, control the dialogue and build a better, bluer nation for us all.  


What are our values?

The FEDD's believe that every one deserves to be treated equally, respectfully and with compassion.  We value human rights for everyone - women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.  We believe healthcare is a right, good public schools are essential to our democracy and the right to vote is our single greatest asset as US citizens and should be protected and broadened.  


Our Members

Our members are teachers, Realtors, business owners, attorneys, care-givers, hair stylists, insurance agents, dog-walkers, interior designers, bartenders, housewives, artists, musicians, househusbands, retirees, college kids, and teenagers still in high school.   We're a big mixed bag of dedicated individuals from throughout East Dallas representing every variety of good people in this wonderfully diverse community.  Everyone is welcome!  


The FEDDs Founders

Our Story

The  FEDD's began as the East Dallas Chapter of the Pantsuit Nation called  "Together We Will - East Dallas".   A group of highly motivated women  came together and began working to begin to right the wrong of the 2016  election.  As time passed, our mission, our experience and our level of  involvement in the "resistance" grew from protests, marches, postcard  writing and phone calls to voter registration and finally into The Funky  East Dallas Democrats.  We are a new Democratic club, but not like any  other.  We created and work from a strategic and detailed organizational  plan that combines education, fun and broad activism. 

Our Leadership  (in photo above)

Our leadership team  includes:

Jill Cochran -Membership and Community Outreach 

Kristy Noble - Logistics and PUMP

Jo Sutton -  Media/Events

Our Mission

Our  mission is clear.  Texas is NOT a red state. Texas is a non-voting  state.  Our sole intent is to increase Democratic voter turn-out in East  Dallas and ultimately create entire communities of progressive,  Democratic voters that will turn Texas back to blue and keep it  that  way for years to come! 

Funky Fact:

Texas is NOT a red state. Texas is a non-voting state. Let's change that!

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